Monday, May 31, 2010

Break ups are hard on All.

Mom and her BF broke up this past Thursday and she's been having a rough time with it.  It is really hard on me to see her this upset.  But honestly, she is much better off without him, he was seeming quite disrespectful, esp. towards the end.  Now, Mom is very worried that she is going to be alone forever.  And nothing I say or do seems to help...

I'm worried that she'll try to rebound and wind up even more heartbroken that she is now, but she wants someone (anyone it seems) to fill the void that she now has in her life.  My sister C and I are trying to keep her busy, but it just isn't the same I suppose. 

I just wish I knew what to do or say to help her through this...any ideas?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hopping Vampires?

So, The Boy has introduced me to these movies made in China (think it was China) that feature vampires and lots of interesting fight scenes.  However these odd vampires hop, and act & look more like zombies than vampires.  Very strange, but extremely interesting.  The first movie he made me watch was called Mr. Vampire.  Only thing frustrating about the movies, is that you have to read the whole time, (subtitles in english, sound not) and that takes away from watching the film.  But if you are in the mood for something quirky, different, and "scary" take a shot at some of those films.  You should at least see one, just to say you've seen a vampire that hops like a bunny...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

So it poured, I mean POURED

Me and, well lets call him The Boy, went out last night.  We had originally planned on going to Red Hill General Store and watching the free drive in movie that they were going to play (it was a John Wayne flick) but it looked like rain, so we headed down the mountain to enjoy ourselves in Mayberry.  Well, seriously, Mayberry was packed, we wanted to eat at this snazzy little Italian restaurant called Gondola's.  But we couldn't even get in the parking lot.  So we ate at Kyoto's By the Lake instead.  I often wonder about the name of that place as there is no lake there, but while we were eating, it started to rain.

Now, when I say it started to rain, I mean it was as if the heaven's had ripped open and just decided to dump an entire ocean upon our heads.  When we went to leave Kyoto's I understood the By the Lake part, the parking lot, was almost a literal lake after all this rain.  Flip-flop's were a BAD idea.  So The Boy was very chivalrous and got the car and pulled it around so I wouldn't get completely soaked (awww).  Then we headed off to the movies....

....only to find that our movie wasn't going to play until 10:00 which was just too late for us.  So, we went to Game Stop and The Boy spoiled me with a game for my DSi which is sweet and not fair at the same time, as he is borrowing my DSi at the moment, and now I have a game but no console.  *pouts*  But I am looking forward to playing Professor Layton when I get a chance.

Then we went and saw "Leigha" at the local Movie Rental place down there, and I discovered that they now have books too.  And we know that I have a weakness for books, so now I own an interesting Mary Poppins book (love love love Mary Poppins) and I got it for a good price.  Which always makes me smile.  The Boy bought 5 movies for $20.  And we got some popcorn, came home, and watched 2 of said 5 movies.  Sunshine Cleaners & The Goods.  Both wonderful movies, I recommend them highly.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amazon, my Weakness...

So I totally just caved after getting paid today, and went to look on Amazon.  And of course after my blog earlier about wanting to start writing more often, I decided to look at writing books (which I really don't need to do since I have 23+ books on writing and who knows how many magazines, I'm an addict, but there's no W.A.)  So I ordered....(drum roll please)

The Writer?s Idea Book      The Write-Brain Workbook: 366 Exercises to Liberate Your Writing     3 AM Epiphany

So perhaps I'll get some awesome writing prompts in these and can entertain you with my imagination instead of just my boring ramblings.

Any ideas on writing prompts and/or good books on writing please let me know about them.

Sitting in Bed

I'm just sitting here, so glad to finally be home, after a long long day of work.  The kiddies today seemed especially screamy. 

I'm also missing my crafting area soooo badly right now.  I was going through my hope chest last night, and it has my scrap book that I still need to finish in it, along with all my quilting books and magazines.  I miss my crafts incredibly much, it was like my way to meditate.  3 more years until I might be able to afford my own place and have a room for crafting again.  I'm not sure that I can hold out that much longer.  The insanity might eventually take hold.

I do wish that I could get my room organized enough so that I could sit at my desk with my laptop instead of in my bed.  If that were possible, I'd have no excuse to start retying my novel (long story on how the typed version was lost)  I really need to do that and then start mailing it out again.  It isn't that bad of a piece of work, might actually be able to get it published one day.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo for you to enjoy:

Also playing around with picasa a bit:

Ah, I miss working there :(

Birthdays and Bad News...

So first off, must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister.  She is the big 19 today.  LOL.  We have a cookout planned for this evening with family and a few close friends.  Fun stuff.  And I made us this Pizza Noodle Casserole that our dad used to make for us when we were little kids.  It made an awesome lunch, plus lots of leftovers to take for lunch the rest of the week at work.  I got her some pants for work for her b-day present from me.  Mom and dad got her some shoes, purse, & clothes.  But she doesn't know this yet, so shhhh!

Onto the bad news...

Unfortunately, I found out that my ex-sister-in-law has cervical cancer.  She has 3 weeks until her surgery, but already her kidneys are threatening to shut down.  So I definitely would appreciate any good thoughts and/or prayers sent her way.  She is an amazing woman, and a mother to a beautiful little girl.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day today.  Other than the worry for "P" I'm having a gorgeous one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great day

Interesting day to say the least. My friend "Leigha" came out today, but honestly, I've never seen her happier and her girlfriend is really nice, and they are just great together. So they have my blessing all the way. So all in all, great food, good conversation, and interesting topics made it a helluva night.

But for the rest of my trip home I listened to some La Roux (who is awesome) and worried about my mother, who is having a hard time lately. I def. need to start tightening the proverbial belt and helping her a lot more with bills (as does my sis) and I also need to get a bicycle, so that we have something that we can do together. Mom's been really depressed and lonely lately, and that's something we used to do together as a family when I was a kid and I'd love to start doing it again.

I've also been trying to find ways to raise my credit score, bad marriage and abruptly leaving the ex kinda got stuff so confused that it is now in shambles. But I'll figure out a way. (Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated)

I found out that my school of choice finally got my transcripts from the college I went to back in '03. I'm hoping that my classes transfer, I might be able to shave off about a semester or more if they do. Which would be great. I also am really really hoping that I get the financial aid I need or else no school at all for me :( So wish me luck there. Well kiddies it is off to bed with myself as I have work tomorrow. Fun stuff that (no really I Love my job).

Also before I go, I found the awesome pic above via Stumble! at this link:

Strange Sundays

So as I was sitting here reading The Night Watch (Watch, Book 1) by SERGEI LUKYANENKO when a massive obnoxious cawing bunch of crows decided to rest outside my window in the trees out back. Really there's about fifty out there, so I can no longer concentrate on my reading, and I probably needed to wrap it up anyway, gotta get ready to go to lunch with one of my girlfriends from highschool. We haven't talked in almost a year and I miss my smaller half dearly. (And that is much more innocent than a dirty mind would take it).

So now that it looks like rain is rolling in, I'm going to put on some make up, leave a bit early so I can hit up Wal-mart for some flip flops as I just broke the straps on one of my pairs and go to Lonestar for some good grub.

Hasta Luega (hope that's right LOL)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Blog

Hello there, well this is my first blog post as Rambling Raen. I will admit that I am not the best at blogging, and my topics will be random, quirky, and just odd. There will be no theme other than just my thoughts, and whatever I happen to be thinking while I'm sitting at my laptop with an extra 5-15 min. to spare for this new endeavor.

My #1 passion has always been writing. Unfortunately, unlike most people, I'm a bit clumsy, even when it comes to my passions. So as in real life, where I tend to stumble down (and up) steps, here I will probably stumble over my words, and even make some up.

So if you are here for my rambling ride, more power to you, and thanks for reading.