Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sitting in Bed

I'm just sitting here, so glad to finally be home, after a long long day of work.  The kiddies today seemed especially screamy. 

I'm also missing my crafting area soooo badly right now.  I was going through my hope chest last night, and it has my scrap book that I still need to finish in it, along with all my quilting books and magazines.  I miss my crafts incredibly much, it was like my way to meditate.  3 more years until I might be able to afford my own place and have a room for crafting again.  I'm not sure that I can hold out that much longer.  The insanity might eventually take hold.

I do wish that I could get my room organized enough so that I could sit at my desk with my laptop instead of in my bed.  If that were possible, I'd have no excuse to start retying my novel (long story on how the typed version was lost)  I really need to do that and then start mailing it out again.  It isn't that bad of a piece of work, might actually be able to get it published one day.

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