Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Birthdays and Bad News...

So first off, must say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my little sister.  She is the big 19 today.  LOL.  We have a cookout planned for this evening with family and a few close friends.  Fun stuff.  And I made us this Pizza Noodle Casserole that our dad used to make for us when we were little kids.  It made an awesome lunch, plus lots of leftovers to take for lunch the rest of the week at work.  I got her some pants for work for her b-day present from me.  Mom and dad got her some shoes, purse, & clothes.  But she doesn't know this yet, so shhhh!

Onto the bad news...

Unfortunately, I found out that my ex-sister-in-law has cervical cancer.  She has 3 weeks until her surgery, but already her kidneys are threatening to shut down.  So I definitely would appreciate any good thoughts and/or prayers sent her way.  She is an amazing woman, and a mother to a beautiful little girl.

Hope you all are having a beautiful day today.  Other than the worry for "P" I'm having a gorgeous one.

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