Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great day

Interesting day to say the least. My friend "Leigha" came out today, but honestly, I've never seen her happier and her girlfriend is really nice, and they are just great together. So they have my blessing all the way. So all in all, great food, good conversation, and interesting topics made it a helluva night.

But for the rest of my trip home I listened to some La Roux (who is awesome) and worried about my mother, who is having a hard time lately. I def. need to start tightening the proverbial belt and helping her a lot more with bills (as does my sis) and I also need to get a bicycle, so that we have something that we can do together. Mom's been really depressed and lonely lately, and that's something we used to do together as a family when I was a kid and I'd love to start doing it again.

I've also been trying to find ways to raise my credit score, bad marriage and abruptly leaving the ex kinda got stuff so confused that it is now in shambles. But I'll figure out a way. (Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated)

I found out that my school of choice finally got my transcripts from the college I went to back in '03. I'm hoping that my classes transfer, I might be able to shave off about a semester or more if they do. Which would be great. I also am really really hoping that I get the financial aid I need or else no school at all for me :( So wish me luck there. Well kiddies it is off to bed with myself as I have work tomorrow. Fun stuff that (no really I Love my job).

Also before I go, I found the awesome pic above via Stumble! at this link:

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