Sunday, May 23, 2010

Strange Sundays

So as I was sitting here reading The Night Watch (Watch, Book 1) by SERGEI LUKYANENKO when a massive obnoxious cawing bunch of crows decided to rest outside my window in the trees out back. Really there's about fifty out there, so I can no longer concentrate on my reading, and I probably needed to wrap it up anyway, gotta get ready to go to lunch with one of my girlfriends from highschool. We haven't talked in almost a year and I miss my smaller half dearly. (And that is much more innocent than a dirty mind would take it).

So now that it looks like rain is rolling in, I'm going to put on some make up, leave a bit early so I can hit up Wal-mart for some flip flops as I just broke the straps on one of my pairs and go to Lonestar for some good grub.

Hasta Luega (hope that's right LOL)

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