Saturday, May 29, 2010

So it poured, I mean POURED

Me and, well lets call him The Boy, went out last night.  We had originally planned on going to Red Hill General Store and watching the free drive in movie that they were going to play (it was a John Wayne flick) but it looked like rain, so we headed down the mountain to enjoy ourselves in Mayberry.  Well, seriously, Mayberry was packed, we wanted to eat at this snazzy little Italian restaurant called Gondola's.  But we couldn't even get in the parking lot.  So we ate at Kyoto's By the Lake instead.  I often wonder about the name of that place as there is no lake there, but while we were eating, it started to rain.

Now, when I say it started to rain, I mean it was as if the heaven's had ripped open and just decided to dump an entire ocean upon our heads.  When we went to leave Kyoto's I understood the By the Lake part, the parking lot, was almost a literal lake after all this rain.  Flip-flop's were a BAD idea.  So The Boy was very chivalrous and got the car and pulled it around so I wouldn't get completely soaked (awww).  Then we headed off to the movies....

....only to find that our movie wasn't going to play until 10:00 which was just too late for us.  So, we went to Game Stop and The Boy spoiled me with a game for my DSi which is sweet and not fair at the same time, as he is borrowing my DSi at the moment, and now I have a game but no console.  *pouts*  But I am looking forward to playing Professor Layton when I get a chance.

Then we went and saw "Leigha" at the local Movie Rental place down there, and I discovered that they now have books too.  And we know that I have a weakness for books, so now I own an interesting Mary Poppins book (love love love Mary Poppins) and I got it for a good price.  Which always makes me smile.  The Boy bought 5 movies for $20.  And we got some popcorn, came home, and watched 2 of said 5 movies.  Sunshine Cleaners & The Goods.  Both wonderful movies, I recommend them highly.

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