Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wowzers, still did not finish..

Had a set schedule so I could keep most of my first weekend back in school free, not gonna happen, only finished half of what I set my goal to finish tonight.  I've got 4 quizzes due already!  Yikes!  Gonna bust my tail tomorrow night. 

I'm still loving my job though, have been slowly getting things into my office and set up to make it feel more like me.  I may have to invest in a small space heater tho, it is chilly in there! Brrrr!  I'm looking forward to Friday night, it is our first Checker Tournament.  It's only a $3 door charge, and I'll be there working so you know the company will be great! 

Once my office is just right I'll post some pics so ya'll can check out my quirky work style LOL.  But no making fun!  (Well not too much fun anyway)

Oh and for those of you who are photographically talented there are a few Facebook Challenges that Red Hill General Store is doing.  Stop by our facebook page and check out the events to learn more about that.  There are prizes!!!

But for now, I'm gonna get some shut eye.  I might try to go into work for a bit before I have to leave for class since WCC is running their delayed schedule.  I could get in about 2 hours in the am, and 2.5 in the pm.  So that wouldn't be too bad.

Anyway, Good Night!

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