Monday, January 10, 2011

All Worked Out

Today was a busy day, lots of meetings in my dept. at work.  Our ideas and things are coming together, but the next few weeks until I get into a set schedule are going to be hectic at Red Hill.  But I'm looking forward to the challenge.  I'm also looking forward to decorating my new office.  We finally got things rearranged so I now have my own space.  First time I've ever had an entire office to myself.  I had a nice little cubicle at Weichert, but this is awesome. 

School is going to be tough though.  My class on XHTML is going to take 6-9 hours a week.  Also, everyone has told me that a C is an A in Human Biology, which I also have.  Then Office Admin. is going to be a little tough since I'm taking it before a couple classes you're supposed to take, but the teacher thinks I'm smart enough to do it without those classes.  Medical Terminology doesn't seem like it will be too bad, just a lot of work and memorization.  And I'm not sure about Medical Transcription since my first class in it isn't until tomorrow (weather permitting).

So if you want to see some of the things I've been up to at Red Hill General Store, you should check out their company blog.  It's really the only thing tangible that I've done at the moment the rest is behind the scenes type stuff.

Well off to bed, hopefully a big day tomorrow!

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