Sunday, January 9, 2011

Been Awhile.

hAnd I apologize for my disappearance.  School and two jobs was beginning to hog all my time.  Which is sad that I left my blog alone, because I love to write, and I love to share.  Things between the boy and I are still going wonderfully.  I am now working at my DREAM job.  I get to write, be creative, and interact with other equally creative people :D  I'm working for Red Hill General Store .  They are a great company, with wonderful people, and they are definitely wanting to do big things in our community. 

School-wise, I'm still going, I'm able to write off 5 classes due to testing out of several and my adviser helping me to rearrange things so that I can also get Dreamweaver certified, which will be a big help at my new job.  And I'm still getting my Administrative Degree.  So I'm super exciting about that.  This upcoming semester has one class that is killer according to other people that I've talked to, but I'm going to try to not disappear for as long of a period as I did this past time.  I'm still not going to brave doing Etsy until after I'm finished with my degree.  But I will try to write as often as possible and I'm also going to start blogging about the things that The Boy (aka Richie) and I are doing to further our dreams along, I'll let you know all the wonderful events that Red Hill is doing, and also I'm going to try to do a little volunteering this upcoming year, and I will keep you updated with pics, etc. on all of these things.

For New Year's resolutions:  Be healthier.  Volunteer (at least once a year until out of school).  Try to not be so hard on myself.  Make more time for my friends.  And to finally get back to the roots of who I am and figure out what type of person I want to be.

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