Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day full of interuptions...

So, I did manage to finish up the homework for two classes.  Not the whole butt load like I'd originally wanted to do.   Was interrupted by sleep (LOL), grocery shopping (Hey! I was hungry and the fridge was bare, seriously, just some wine and Swiss cheese.  Love that stuff, but not for breakfast.) 

Finally, I got settled in on the sofa, stack of books to my left, and Repo the Genetic Opera playing for some background noise.  I start reading chap. 2 in Human Bio.  Suitable I decide to myself.  Then I hear screams from upstairs...

"Help! Help! We have company coming!"

"Who Mom?" I shout back.

"Guess." Comes the panicked reply.



"Crazy aunt and uncle?"


I rush upstairs to help Mom hide anything that might be the least religiously offensive to the extreme radical Christians.  And just as we catch our breath two vehicles pull into the driveway.

The conversation was boring. 

I have learned that the Wii is evil and is causing the violent demoralization of our children.  Especially that damn guitar hero.  (Wait, I didn't think Wii had Guitar Hero.  Sigh.)  That my Aunt was having trouble with her insulin machine because "Well, we mustn't speak of bad things. They're listening you know."  And that all drug addicts would simply be cured if we could rid them of their demons.  And I'm not talking skeletons in the closet type demons, I'm talking red winged horned demons that have possessed their very souls.  *Sigh*

Finally they leave.  Mail comes.  More stuff filtering through to me from the past.  F*** the past, but unfortunately this is something that must be taken care money from The Boy until I get my tax return.  Bless his heart.  I don't know what I would do without him.

Then dinner at the future Step Dad's (he's cool so that was a bonus) with Mom and Future Step Bro.  Mom and FSD kicked me and FSB's butts in Wii bowling (although I do think we may have demoralized ourselves and now have a place in Hell with our names on it for touching the abominable Wii).  Then met The Boy after he got off of work, and amazingly enough I finished Chap. 2 and took the quiz in Human Biology and finished assignments for XHTML:Web Development and Design.  Now off to work on some more homework, then to bed. 

Hopefully, tomorrow will have no interruptions!

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