Friday, January 28, 2011

Priorities...wait what?

So maybe my priorities are a little mixed at the moment....

I'm on here writing a blog...

Whilst beside me sits a mound of homework, leering at me, expectantly, waiting to be done.


It seems as though my procrastination has truly gotten the better of me tonight.  But I seem to not be able to focus while feeling so blue as I currently do.  Not sure why, pms-ing perhaps.

But in lieu of rambling about feeling so lonely tonight, I'm going to share with you my newest hair color.  Personally I love it, though it has already faded quite a bit since I dyed it 3 weeks ago.

So, I think red suits me.  Brings out the blue in my eyes.  Ignore the dark circles it was 7:30 am when I took this pic, and morning just does not suit me (well that in addition to late nights, homework puts me at its beck and call) Speaking of homework, I'm heading to bed early so I can have more time tomorrow to tackle this mound, it is definitely not getting touched tonight. Sleep is a much more tempting mistress in my eyes.

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