Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hoping to get Critiqued.

I posted in the Etsy Forums to get a critique on my shop, if you are on Etsy please visit this link and help me out: http://www.etsy.com/forums_thread.php?thread_id=6597599 I would sooooo greatly appreciate it!

I am hoping to get my shop as flawless as possible before I start going to school in 2 weeks, so that I can use my spare time for making jewelry and listing it (and hopefully shipping it) instead of trying to work out kinks in the store.  That would be a great help to me.  And since my hours have been cut at work I could definitely use some extra income if I could get this thing up and going.  Everyone has said this summer has been slow on Etsy, so hopefully I'll start seeing some more action as we move towards the holidays.

Well I am off to clean, organize, and make some jewelry.

Today's first dropper:

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