Sunday, August 8, 2010

Crazy Day

I drove home from work in tears over something that I saw.  Can't go into anymore detail, all I can say is that there are some sick evil people out there who deserve only the worst that prison has to offer.  My heart was absolutely broken.

So between that and the other people that are irritatingly getting under my skin like the trashy disillusioned scum they are I am starting to doubt my faith in humanity.  But karma is a bitch and they'll get theirs.  I just wish that I felt better emotionally, I'm stuck when it comes to my novel and to jewelry designs.  Grrrr.  I can't wait til school starts so that I can switch gears on everything, that is one of the few things that I'm still looking forward to.  There are a few others but more on those later.

On a brighter note here's my latest treasury items:

Love me always

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