Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, I wound up ordering an older version of Gregg Reference Manual from, along with a really awesome dictionary.  It is The American Heritage College Dictionary.  And oddly enough I also ordered a shower head, since mine had sprouted a leak.  The dictionary and shower head arrived yesterday.  So I decided to do some work in my shower (naturally).

So this morning was my first time actually showering with this thing.  Well, while the water was warming up I realized that there was a gust of air coming from within my shower...that is how hard the water is pounding out of this shower head.  And on my back the water pressure felt AWESOME.  Then...I turned around; My nips are still sore from the pounding water.  So I think this afternoon I am changing the washer inside the head to a water restrictor.

Also for those of you have still not checked it out.  I have made the page my homepage on Firefox.  Yup, its that good.  I really like it anyway.  Try it out.

Today's first Dropper:

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