Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PMS rantings...

Lately it seems really hard just to get myself to focus. I need to find a way to achieve more of the things I keep telling myself that I'm going to do. Whether that is getting up earlier and exercising or taking 30 minutes a day to tackle my novel, poems, and short stories.

Somehow, I just keep letting time run away from me. How does one get it together when the mind is constantly scattered and jumping from one thing to the next? I love that I have finally been able to carve out some time for my blog, but for some reason I cannot seem to get my act together in regards to the rest.

All of this is starting to worry me a bit as far as my going back to school is concerned. I definitely cannot allow myself to slip behind in my work; especially with two of my classes being online, and that means as far as they are concerned it is up to keep myself properly paced in order to pass them. How do other people do this? It is a talent that I seem to have not been born with.

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