Friday, June 18, 2010

So I know i promised...

Pictures! Hello, where did I let the time go? I totally promised pictures of my room in a previous blog. Where are they? Okay well they are finally here! *drum roll please*:

Okay this is the view of my room from the door.  Currently looking for a wall-tattoo to put on my wall above my bed in that big open spot.  (any suggestions are welcome)

This is the view of my room from the closet area, love my retro looking lamp, also on the lookout for some better coordinating fabric to cover the blah side of my bookcase, but the blue works for now.  I'm really enjoying how my sleep area is separate from my work area.

This is what my world looks like when I'm blogging late at night.  Yup love the laptop, it comes with me to bed, though I really have to stop doing that, it keeps me up later than I intend.

What things look like from my desk area.  The closet is looking a little plain, but I really don't have any ideas on what to do with it.

View of the world through my window.  Just the neighbor's house.  Oh and a nifty oriental teapot.

Now this is the view that I love, the trees in the backyard.  This is where I sometimes sit to view the wildlife.  We've had turkeys, deer, squirrel, woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays, finches and more so far this summer.

And that's a look into my night a couple weeks ago where I went crazy rearranging things.

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