Saturday, June 5, 2010

Late Night Ideas

Why is it that the dumbest ideas hit me late at night.   Tonight it was "Hey! I need a small nightstand of some sort, lets go to wal-mart and find one."   Then I get home and I think, "Hey! This thing will be a breeze to put together lets do it now!"  An hour later it is together.  (This means its even later at night, for those of you bad at math.)  So then I think, "Hey!  It would be neat if I could reconfigure my room so that I have my desk area set separate from my sleep area!"  Three hours later, I'm still not done, it is now 3:42, I'm gonna sleep on the couch and finish my room tomorrow.  LMAO.  But I'll post at least one pic once I'm done.

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