Sunday, March 13, 2011


My heart goes out to Japan after the 8.9 earthquake and the tsunami that followed shortly after, this past Friday. Everything I have seen on the news is heart wrenching, and I cannot imagine what the people of Japan are going through. I worry for them, not only today, as their rescue efforts are being put out, but I worry for Japan for tomorrow and the day after, and into next year.

How is all this salt water, spilled fuel from cars, buildings, oil refineries, etc. going to affect the quality of their soil? How is it affecting the quality of their air? Also there are reports of the nuclear reactors giving off radiation, possibly melting down. What will happen to Japan after the clean up is done, and after the people are found?

I wish I had the monetary means to help, or at least that there was some sort of drive close enough to where I am that I could do something. It pains me to see so many people hurting and to not be able to do anything about it.

I am keeping Japan and her people in my thoughts and prayers.

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