Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Debt Collectors & Other Paypal Issues

Just out of curiosity, if a company tells a debt collector that they will settle for 50% of what is owed to them, then why when that 50% is paid are they still hounding me for the rest of the amount owed?

Now keep in mind that this amount that was owed to Paypal initially was taken from my bank account without them notifying me or my ex-husband that there was a problem with a sale that we had made on Ebay (this problem goes back to 2008).

This caused our bank account to go into the negative. The ex-husband paid the bank, and closed that account. (still trying to find out how a joint account was closed with only one person present, whilst the other person had no idea that it was being closed).  So as of 2009, Paypal acct. #1 was not in the negative.

Morph to Aug. 2010, Paypal has a debt collector send me a bill for the amount that was taken from the bank account in 2008. They agreed to settle for 50%. I didn't feel like doing the run around with Paypal. (That and to view why they are having issues with your account you have to have a court order.) So I sent in the money. Now Paypal has closed my current Paypal account and will not let me use it unless I pay off the original amount owed, which has now been paid twice already.

I'm not paying them 3 times for 1 issue.

I'm just not going to use them anymore and I encourage anyone who reads this to boycott them as well before your bank funds are ripped out from under your nose with no warning. You'll only find out when your bank tells you.

If you decide to keep Paypal, good luck. If they screw you over. I told you so.

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