Saturday, August 21, 2010

Friday was a BUSY day...

Ever have one of those days where you are so busy that it just flies by in the blink of an eye?  Yesterday was like that for me.  Me and The Boy went to the college so that I could get my books, figure out where my classes are at etc.  Then we went to Wal-mart so that I could get some notebooks, pens, etc.  We ran into my aunt and uncle while there, so I had to introduce them.  That went better than expected tho.  Then The Boy and I went and ate at this little diner at Flying J's on the way back home.  The food was awesome.  Made a few stops on the rest of the way home: Library, Yard Sales, Thrift Shop.  At said thrift shop I bought the neatest Suitcase, it looks like its from the 40's and it was only $2 since it doesn't have a key.  It is Fam-Line. 

Anyway the rest of my day continued at a very harried pace.  Then as I'm getting ready to go to bed and get some much needed sleep.  I get a text from my sister:

A woman died on me.

That is all it said.  So naturally I text back: WHAT?!?

So she called me and told me about her first day at her new job being a clerk at a local motel.  Apparently, a man came running into the office demanding a room so that he could get his wife in there and wake her up.  She'd passed out 30 minutes prior to his arrival and she was diabetic so she'd done it before.  He told them not to call 911 that he'd woken her up before when she was like this. 

Kace and her manager quickly got things ready for him and handed over the key, he rushed out of the office.  Just a few moments after, a woman comes in and says to them:

"There's a man outside slapping some woman repeatedly while screaming WAKE UP LAURELL.  Just thought ya'll might want to do something about it."

The woman then walks back out of the office.  And Kace's manager sends her to the front lines. 

Kace approaches the man, asking him if he wants her to call 911 or what she can do to help him.  He tells her to NOT call 911, and he needs a man to help him carry his wife to the bed in the motel room.

Kace goes inside to tell her manager what he said, and she gives Kace permission to go to the rooms that are being used to see if there is a man in any of them willing to help.  Kace's search for a man doesn't go well, but when she is returning to the scene of mayhem a man just pulled in who is talking on his cell phone.

Kace runs up to him, asks him if he will help the other man with his wife, and if he can talk him into calling 911.  The man agrees, and while he and Laurell's husband try to carry her into the hotel she starts having convulsions.  At this point Kace decides that not calling 911 is no longer an option and runs into the office and tells her boss to call 911 RIGHT NOW. 

The boss calls and comes out to the parking lot, at this point the woman has stopped breathing.  Her husband begins CPR on her and Kace and her manager start looking for a pulse.  The cannot find one.  The husband continues to alternate between administering CPR and slapping his wife yelling at her to wake up. 

Kace said at this point the woman takes what sounds like 3 big gasping breaths.  "And Cris I cannot even begin to replicate the noise she made after that.  Then everything was still."

So I'm thinking that Kace heard the death rattle up close and personal.  Gives me chills just to think about it. 

The ambulance finally arrived, they tried oxygen on Laurell, but to no avail.  Kace said when the loaded her up they pulled a blanket over her and rode away.  No lights or siren.

I believe that after that being her first day at work, she needs a raise.  That is above and beyond minimum wage pay.

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