Thursday, August 5, 2010

Busy Day

Work was swamped today, my legs still ache from my walk Tuesday lol. What a day. I've made some new jewelry pics will come later :) The Boy and I are going to watch a movie tomorrow and do a little shopping. Can't wait. Despicable Me here we come LOL.

On a more interesting not, our local Wal-Mart was witness to a robbery of its bank inside:

UPDATE: Robbery at Woodforest National Bank located in the Wal-Mart on East Stuart Drive

A spokesperson for Galax Police Chief Rick Clark advised that on August 4, 2010 shortly after 2:00 P.M. that Galax Police responded to a reported armed robbery at the Woodforest National Bank located in the Wal-Mart store located on East Stuart Drive in Galax.

Employees of the bank told responding officers that a W/F approached the tellers and produced a robbery note. The note alleged that there was a second suspect who was armed and would start shooting if they did not comply. The suspect was given the amount of money specified in the note.

The female suspect is described as:

Blonde hair
Scar on left arm
Slender build 140-150 lbs
Black tee shirt
Blue jeans
Approximately mid to late 40’s

At the time of the robbery the suspect had her hair pulled up into a black ball cap, she is seen exiting the store after having removed the cap. Her hair in that photo is described as blonde and long pulled into a pony tail.

Police have not verified that a second suspect is involved.

Anyone who thinks that they may have seen the suspect is asked to contact Galax Police 276-236-8101.

First Dropper:

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