Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dragging out an old short story:

I used to participate in Blogphilia on Myspace and we wrote a story each week that had to follow a theme and include key points in it so here's one that I did, hope you enjoy the read:

Topic:  Clairvoyance Experiment
Bonus points (hard, 2 points):  Include a commode planter in the front yard.
Bonus points (easy, 1 point): Reference a hockey movie.

As Desi drove through her neighborhood, she daydreamed about her life and how she wished it had been. When she stopped at the stop sign she had a moment of clairvoyance that granted her a bit of sight into what her future would have been had she followed the plans she thought that would always come to fruition.

The life she had desired as a child was one of not much luxury, but one of happiness and purpose. She had wanted to be an architect. But her mother had coaxed her out of that idea. Desi’s mother swore up and down that being an architect would render her penniless in the future, because where she was, there wasn’t much of a calling for them. Silently, Desi cursed herself for listening. What does a woman who’s prized daffodils reside in a planter made from a broken toilet know about architecture?

Desi glanced around and saw that no one was waiting on her to turn, so she allowed herself to daydream a bit longer. She imagined the house that she would have designed for herself and her husband. And their two children of course, had she followed her dream she would have been able to afford to adopt. Her eyes welled with tears at the thoughts she had repressed about her barrenness. She had always wanted children. Especially a little girl.
Desi is abruptly jarred out of her mind wandering by her cell phone going off. She groped around in her purse until her fingers met the hard plastic and she quickly answered it hoping it was someone calling about her resume. It wasn’t.

"Hey, my brothers are coming over tonight, and I figure you don’t wanna hang out here so I thought I’d give you a heads up." Jonah announced.

"I had some things I needed to do around the house, why didn’t you ask me before?"
"Its my house too, they’ll come over if they want, go spend the night at your mama’s or something. You don’t see her enough anyway."

"Alright, love you." Desi hung up the phone before Jonah could say another word. She was glad she had an out, she didn’t want to be around those ruffians anyway, when the five of them were together they reminded her of the Hanson Brothers, and not the pop group. And she was not in the mood for that sort of drama. 

Desi turned her car around and headed to the drama free zone of her mother’s. She wondered if she could talk to her mama about what she’d been feeling about Jonah lately, and if she would be able to offer any advice. 

"Its worth a shot, too bad I’m not really clairvoyant, I would’ve seen all this stuff happening eight years ago and avoided it." she said out loud to herself while laughing at the day dream she had envisioned earlier as though she could actually see what her future would have been. She sure could come up with some wild ideas, but she knew that her life would always take the path of least opposition and the one where she was successful isn’t a path that her life was going to take.

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