Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cooling off...

Went to switch cars w/The Boy so that I can clean his Jeep out before our trip tomorrow, it is waaay too hot outside right now, so I'm taking a break to cool off before I hope to it.  We are heading out to Sweetwater, TN in the morning to see the Lost Sea and some flea markets, museums, etc.  I am so looking forward to this mini-vacay and some much needed alone time with just me and The Boy.  We already booked our hotel, confiscated my GPS back from my lil sis and now I just need to finish packing, buy some snackables for the drive there and then we'll be ready to head out nice and early in the A.M.  should take us around 4 hrs to get there and I'm driving el Jeepo.  He's gonna nap, he's had overtime this week working 12 hour shifts so I volunteered to drive.  Never drove the Jeep before today, but I'm looking forward to it.  Hopefully I'll remember my camera and extra batteries and can get some good pics to post on here.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, blog ya Monday.

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