Monday, September 12, 2011

Troubled Mind

Lately I've been wishing I could talk to someone. A counselor perhaps. Things have just been crazy and I'm feeling crazier by the millisecond. At the moment so many things are uncertain. I wish that I wasn't in a position where what I'm doing and where I live wasn't at the whim of other people.

I worry about trying to move in the middle of a school semester if things get that bad. I worry about money issues and how to save for Richie and I's future. With my car falling apart every time I turn around and the amount of gas it takes to get to school and back 3 times a week, I can't afford the minimal things, let alone am able to save money.

And I'm so very worried about someone in my family. She is in a bad place, but won't leave it, no matter how many options she has, she would rather stay in a position where her life revolves around someone who is obviously an abuser of sorts, not sure if there is any physical abusing (fairly certain, but no concrete proof) but there is definitely mental abuse going on. I cried myself nearly sick over it last night. And today, I can hardly focus my mind is so intent on being worried over her.

But like everyone says, until she is willing to admit that there is a problem and ask for help, what can I really do?

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