Sunday, April 24, 2011

Dreaming of Homes, Houses, and Such

Well, The Boy and I have been discussing housing options and when we think we'll be able to afford a home together. Also I have currently gotten addicted to watching tiny house videos on youtube.

We have met a conundrum of sorts. Ya know that type of conundrum where you don't know what to do...yeah it sucks.

So he is going to inherit quite a bit of land, and the family already considers it his. They want him to build on it. Building is expensive. So we looked at Modular pricing. Modulars are expensive. Then we debated doublewides. Doublewides that are built to last are expensive. Seriously. EXPENSIVE.

We found out that with the way the current economy is that we could buy a house with land for the same price as a modular or even a double wide. (Let's not even get into building a house). But at the same time, we want to be close to his family since they are aging and stubborn. (As in an 89-year-old grandmother who will bring the firewood in by herself if no one is there to do it, did I mention she is legally blind?) And we want to be close by to be sure nothing happens to them. Or if it does at least someone is close by to help.

But again we go back to pricing.

It will be at least a year before we can actually think about starting the process, but I'm a planner, so yeah, I like going over everything in full before making a decision.

I seriously need some options, good advice, etc. PLEASE!!!

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