Friday, October 8, 2010

Hacker House

Went to Hacker House with Asher tonight.  We had a blast.  Her boyfriend, Evan, was working, so of course everyone knew our names and some of the actors were shouting it from ahead to lure us down certain paths.  I had fun messing with some of them using my own "monster" voice.  Awesome night overall.  We'll def. have to do it again sometime.  I would love to be one of the actors there.  I think it would be amazingly fun to scare people and just get to dress up and be all crazy.  Maybe one year when my life is a bit calmer and more settled. 

Work is still stressful.  Still dreaming about a job where I could be creative and relaxed and just enjoy work and life.  I know work is never fun all the time, but sometimes it'd be nice to not dread getting up in the morning. 

Going to spend the rest of the weekend memorizing my experience speech.  I'm thinking about once this semester is over using some of my speeches and essays as topics on and trying to make a little extra off of that site.  Love making a little money off of my writing.  I would write whether I did or didn't, but that just adds a little extra bit of satisfaction to my day.

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