Monday, September 20, 2010

Weird Couple've Days...

Its been an interesting and weird few days lately.  Found out I most likely have a half-sister that I did not know about...still deciding on how to go about (or if I) contacting her.  A little girl a few towns over from here died from a mysterious illness, a lot of people are in an uproar over it.  Understandably so.  Waiting to see if something is put in the news about it.  If so I'll share that here.  Went out to Turn One in Wytheville, to watch a friend's band play.  Fast Back.  They were pretty good for only 3 practices, but it was for a good cause, they were raising money for a 15 month old who needs an intestinal transplant.  The Boy was a sweetie and donated some extra money in addition to paying for the door charge for both of us (door charge was all going the baby's fund).  Am trying to get everything together for our group project this week, and realizing that A LOT of big projects are due, just one class is keeping me so busy I can't breathe, I'm honestly typing this on a forced break from memorizing my intro for our project.  So my brain feels a little like this:


  1. You sure have a lot going on. Hope you have a great weekend.

  2. Thanks. Hope yours is good :) I'm tackling some more homework this weekend LOL.