Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Long day

I just had an help spread a little blog love to all I'm going to try to post a link everyday to the first blog to drop on my entrecard for that day.  Just something to keep in mind kiddies :)

So today's first official drop was from:
BerryVox @

But for now I'm off to bed, work rolls around early...


Well, I had every intention of coming home and working on some more jewelry, but I came home and crashed, just woke up a bit ago, and had to go in search of food.  So now I feel as tho I wasted my whole afternoon.  Its unlike me to sleep like that in the middle of the day.  Hope I'm not getting sick as a few of the girls at the office have strep throat.  Yuck.  That's the last thing I want.  So hopefully, I'll get to work on some pieces this weekend.  Expect to see some Sunday (we hope).

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