Sunday, July 11, 2010


Yes that's what I'm in right now.  I've been in a jewelry making kick lately, and honestly I love it.  It still isn't sewing :/ But it is still that same sort of meditative relaxing feeling.  I also have been debating ways to make some extra cash since my hours are getting cut............

..........Yes I know first thing you think of is "Sell some of the jewelry you make"  but honestly I fall in love with it all.  And when I do have a piece that I think I can bear to part with, I worry about the quality since I'm still a beginner, and then I worry about how to price it etc.  *sigh*  I wish I was less of a clutterbug and more of a "okay, I made this its cute, lets sell it and find a new home" type. 

But, just because I love my jewelry doesn't mean other people will either....and I don't need to be losing money that I need to listing fees due to items that will not sell.  Any advice?

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